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How to receive Blessings from God ?
Like I mentioned in the previous page, God has already blessed us abundantly. Then why do most of us not experience those blessings from God ? Are they in some dark corner of the world that we cannot access ? No, in fact they are within your reach and available 24/7. How do you get this access ? Its simply with one word – FAITH.


All things are possible through HIM 

The bible tells us that with faith we can move mountains. How true this is. Though it seems impossible it is indeed achievable. Its the simple matter of having that faith in our God and believing that all things are possible through Him. I am not talking about moving mountains right now. Lets only concentrate on the little issues that we encounter in our day to day life first. For instance, getting fed up with your job situation, worried about your ever increasing debts, frustrated because you cannot find a trustworthy life partner. Lets look at these examples in the positive mindset. Lets believe that your job situation has dramatically improved and you now cannot wait to go to work on Monday, or that your finances have miraculously come under control and your debts are getting reduced and going to soon disappear, or you have found the perfect life partner you always dreamed about. 


Claim the victory through Jesus 

You might say, well that’s not good enough I am still in the worst job ever, or my debts have not reduced or that won’t bring my life partner to me. You are not completely wrong but when you start thinking positively things start to happen. And heres the truth. Ask God in faith to provide you your needs through the Lord Jesus Christ your saviour. And truly believe that you will receive answer to your prayers. I cannot stress how helpful this will be. I have seen this happening in my own life. Many times I would doubt and think I have the most wretched life in the world. But when I put my faith in Almighty God and claim the victory through Jesus not only do I feel a kind of positiveness but I am nearing towards achieving my desires and my blessings. 


Acknowledge Him 

We need to acknowledge the fact that God has promised mighty things to those who believe in him. His word is the greatest promise that one could have. Its like a cheque that someone has written for you. Its guaranteed. But it’s a test of our faith too and thats where we fall short. So how do you get this faith ? 


His promise is guaranteed 

Remember His word – the guarantee. We need to claim it. We need to remind God of his promise. He will never forget to do anything he has promised in His Word. You and me can forget but He will not. His promise is guaranteed. But if we do not know his word enough there is no way we can claim anything from God. When we do not receive blessings from God, it is like possessing the winning ticket but not knowing where to claim the money from. Its useless on its own.


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